Government Propose New Articles for KUHP

The government has proposed an amendment of the Criminal Code (KUHP) to include customary law as a basis for criminal prosecution.

United Development Party (PPP) lawmaker Arsul Sani said the proposed inclusion was still being debated in the House of Representatives and among legal experts.

Arsul said that under the proposed amendment a couple who elopes or people who dress inappropriately in places of worship could be charged if reported.

Besides customary law, the government is also considering including crimes such as corruption and terrorism in the KUHP.

Speaking about the death sentence in the amended law, Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) lawmaker Muhammad Nasir Djamil said it would be a last-resort punishment in the amendment.

“If suspects who are sentenced to capital punishment are not executed immediately, but within the next ten years, the punishment could be lowered to life imprisonment. However, this is only valid for those who are well-behaved while in custody,” Nasir said.

Asrul said the Commission aimed to complete the deliberation of the KUHP amendment by the middle of this year.


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